Thursday, 6 December 2012

Wonderful Experience at Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson. (44th District Interact Conference : 29 November 2012 until 2 December 2012)

Assalamualaikummm... <3 well2... new update for this time, as u see the title that I write, "Wonderful Experience at Eagle Ranch. yeah....I'm from Interact Club of SMK Mambau, I think 2 months ago, Puan Rufina inform to the Interact Club members about this conference. I was like excited when I heard bout that. It's like I have opportunity to train myself to be a leader and be more independent, *that's the main aim I attend the conference actually. :) well, everything is done well, I keep contact the Secretary of Rotary Club of Senawang, Mr.Mike. yeah he gave me a lots of information. a whale thanks for that :D

oke now, I'm writing this is just to share my experience with everybody, I know some people might think it's only nothing, but for me, sharing is caring ;) rightt?? LOL.

29 November 2012.

--> I woke up on 6.30 am. I don't know why I woke up so early than I should. I think I'm really a punctual person lahh...ahahah :D seriously ! The bus to Eagle Ranch departs on 8.15 am. okey, I've ready with my luggage, my Thai T-shirt and my slack, my Pinky-bag and my HP in pocket. as I reached at KTM Seremban like we had told by Mr.Kuna, I didn't see anyone wearing their position's badge on their outfit, I feel weird by that time, fortunately I was in the right way, some of them are the Interactors. so Glad !! that's enough, you know what, by that morning,  Mr.Raymond meet us, he told us that we must go to Terminal One Seremban and wait there, I was like.. WHAT??!! We have to walk along with these heavy luggage at the street beside and near the railway. okay I admit it, kinda stress by that time :D than okeylah. found our bus and straight away to Eagle Ranch. ouhh wait, there's a time, the bus stops for a while , the bus driver told us that we must have breakfast by our own. Glad I have Mee Cintan at my home before. I have no money by that time, kinda disappointed but it's okay :) I'm out from the bus, followed those Chinese, I thought they will stopped at the Mamak Restaurant, unfortunately, they stop at the Chinese Restaurant. I'm standing in front of the Restaurant and my face blushed as I see a signboard wrote "Pork", I was like, okeyyy...I'm out of heree..LOL :D go into the bus, and wait for the others, continue our journey. as I had reached at the Eagle Ranch, I amazed :D beautiful place :) yeah, Cowboy place. Interestinggg <3 Registered . I've meet lots of friends there. They are very friendly, :) the first person named Veshalini from SMK Bukit Mewah, aged 14. :D she's nicee.. okey, everybody's here and time for the briefing. The funny person I've ever met, called "Commander Nick". He's very funnyy... :D short of the story, I've got the room mates, the room keys, fortunately, I've got a chalet..and woowwww :D Amazing... :P

our Hall's name : Horse Shoe.. :D
Horsess...!! I took it from my room... :D beauty n really clean.. :D
in the hall...there it is..what a big banner ! :D
this is my room number, the name is "Paddock Chalet 4", or "PC4"..we're so lucky this time.. my room mates n I kinda happy... beautiful inside it !!
this is our room.. oopss!! sorry it's kinda messy !! ahaha.. three pillows,  Jassmine, Sitha and me.. :D
yea this is near the balcony where I took the picture of those horses...there's Jass.. she's packing :D
I forgot to show my name tag given by them, see!! the name on it !!  FIFA FARISSA .. I was like..alaaa... but then it's okay.. my name kinda famous there because they call me "Fifa World Cup" LOL *IGNORE THE IMAGE PLEASE..

30 November 2012

seems I'll post those pictures later, lines kinda slow..ahhaha...okey I'll continue.. on this day, yeah, absolutely awesome for me, as it is the Opening Ceremony event, attended by the Tunku Ampuan Besar Negeri Sembilan and her son named Tengku Zain Al-Abidin. I was given a task to hold the Bunga Manggar and walk along with your highness. Me, Edania and other 4 girls with their own traditional outfit :D yea..the moment has come... I wait for it bout 1 week ago.. :D oopss!! mentioned! <3 Exciting day for me, I had the opportunity take a picture with Tengku, and shake hands with him and his mother :) I admit..falling for him!! hahah.. he had a really soft palm :D oh em geee... *_* okay focus..!! after everything finished, time for Outdoor Activity 1. I forgot to mention, I was in Team Orange 1 named Mango :D I <3 my team mates so muchhh ! I tell you, this is the first time I passed a 6 feet wall !! totally same as in PLKN, ohh my God... I do respect myself a bit, I mean okay whatt...ahaha LOL !! I fell for the first time when I try to pass a Log, hahaha... I felt guilty to one of my friend named Tun Muhammad Iman, he helped me that time!! sorry ya Tun !! and we have to Raise a Flag, I love this time, had much of laugh, we tried for many time to raise the flag, it's actually if does who can raise the flag highest, they'll win. so everyone helped each other..and really enjoy :) by that night nothing so special. just a few talks from experienced people :D sleepy mode totally ON #LOL. !!

ohh yeahh...ready for the Opening Ceremonyy!!!
this is me with Tengku Zain Al-Abidin..ahhh gojes mann!!  ahaha.. his palm was very softtt :D I still feel it until now...alalalala..haha LOL

1 December 2012

it was Saturday, the Third day, nothing's best happened in the morning, by the afternoon, we had another one outdoor activity, the Eagle Ranch staff gave us 4 sheets of printed pictures, they told us to find these places around in the Eagle Ranch ! Robin, Rose, and other 2 members with me in a group..trying to find the "Pump House", and others, I don't remember. LOL... okay after that we take a break, Commander gave us a "bit" time to practice our performance for the Talentime n BBQ Night. so our team planned to do dancing. coz seems others they are doing singing, sketch, so maybe dancing seems awesome. ahahaha..awesome a? :D okay... one of our cutiee member named Wai Lynn, she's our choreographer, she teach us every steps well, okay actually I love to dance ! but seriously this is the first time dancing in front of the public. but it's okay, for me, win or lose, I'm standing with my other friends on the stage just for fun ;) okay... it takes a long time to remembered those steps. but Praise to God ! everything goes smoothly... ;) okay.. time to continue our last outdoor activity called "Telematch".. ahaha... I love this game a lot ! I remembered Tun suddenly.. he's really damn funny... ahaha.. I still remember his face until now..nerdyy :D usual ! our Mango Team is the last group !! ahh!! unfortunately! huhuhhu... never mind... having fun is the common thing !! <3 okay... preparing ourselves for the Talentime night.. the time has come. it's 6.30 pm. and the party is going to start at any moment... :D everybody dressed very well...beautiful!! just like they are attending a candle light dinner.. especially those Chinese girls... awesome ! short of the storyy... time for our team, Mango, performed at the stage.. kinda nervous actually..but it's okay.. I enjoy it :D

*them, kinda exhausted... ahaha... tired face everyone haaaaa LOL
this is Tun Muhammad Iman that I mentiones just now, funny guy with braces.. ahaha... like him muchh!! <3
well...well..well...the name is Bazil, he's from Orange 3, ahaha.. he's famous there.. keep shouting "Orange" since the first day... until he's out of voice, one of my room mate had a crush on him ;)
Talentime n BBQ night .... wow..everybody's dashingggg :D
the chairss.. :D ahaha... nonsense am I?? :D
this Alex, and Stephanie Lim. Alex, he's very friendly, when he sees me, he'll call me, "Fifi...Fifi..." ahaha LOL I missed him a lot... <3

ahaha~ we had a great time enjoying ourselves that night..everybody was like .. woww goi'n crazyy :D jumping shuffle-ing gangnam style and much more.. wild!! :D

2 December 2012 is the last day...time to go home... feel a bit sad by the time we had to leave.. urmm...gonna miss u Eagle Ranch !!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

my face?? lot of differencess!!

assalamualaikummm... hello2 lame x update lagi kennn... cik Abella rinduu sngadd nk update... hbis PMR katenyerr...ahahah :D well... tngok pd tajuk d atas~~ my face?? lot of differencess!! ahaha..maksudnya muka aku dh berubah dri dulu yg berbintik2 n berblack/white head..skrang dh licinnn berseriio *katenyer... aku nk share la ngan korang x kira laki2 or prmpuan... x kisah la korang bce ke x.. just sharing2.. :D oke..first step aku pkai nie:

ni sabun pencuci muka.. berkesan hilangkan white heads n black heads.. confirm..cik Abella guarantee kalau uolss pkai ni..mmng terbaekk :D name sabun nie ~ :: IRISE MAGICK BEAUTY BAR harga RM30.00 *kecik molek tpi harga mahal n it really works !

secondly,, aku pkai Ez's Astringent sebagai toner, mostly for oily skins and it also kasi kecilkan pori2 yg terbuka...especially after uols buat facial..kan2...  hehehh here : EZ'S ASTRINGENT , harga x berapa nk ingat..but agak mahal jugak..but it's way better than Ez's Toner.. cuma yg ni bila uols pkai, rase mcm agak pedih mint pun ade..ehehe.. 

okepp..after step ke-2 dh sapu Astringent tu, nextly uols kena apply IRESE INTENSIVE WHITE: MOISTURISING EMULSION. supaya kulit x kering lepas apply toner tu... n dia bleh kasi kulit cerah.. seriusly :) here : 

harga Moisturiser ni RM35.00... ahaha... tpi x kisah kalau uols nk pkai set dia pun okey...but i sarankan uols pkai cmne yg i pkai..insya-Allah berkesan..cuma jngan putus dngan mereka2 okey :) 

that's all for update will coming soon :D 

Miss Abella Dievca
28 October 2012
5.36 pm

Friday, 17 August 2012

I'm okay? I'm not okay? Who cares>????

bissmillah hirrahman nirrahim,

Assalamualaikum readers, oke seriously for a long time I didn't update my blog, PMR candidates as usual always busy~ pulak baru2 nie kan Trial PMR, aku berjaya dpat 3A jea :( well...I'll try more harder next time, duhhh =,=" okey...balik pda topik, for now on, there is something comes in my dream, and it try to tell me something, well I dunno weather it is a good or bad news.,.. mula2 dpat mimpi yg indah, dimana aku bersalaman dngan dia, "G", n then dia tarik aku, dia peluk aku ketat2,,..oh My God.. memang best la kan..orng yg kita syg...and secondly, malam kelmarin aku g terawih, aku ckp ngan mama, "kan best kalo nnti raya dia call pp...eee..mcm haritu yg dia ckp dia rindu sngad kat pp...", then time tido mimpi dia call aku! damn, oke..x thulah itu permainan syaitan ke or else...kalo mmpi buruk pun just ,dia x ckp ape2, muka dia msam jea...bila aku tnya langsung dia x layan..yg tu aku x ingat bila... whatever pun, skrang dia dh ada assistant, comel katenyer, hurm...sape x jeles kan... xpelah...bertuahnya assistant dia dpat jumpa dia...mesti dia caerr...hurm.... :( sedih jugak...bila aku dpat thu dia dh ade assistant air mata mengalir kejap, mmng orng akan kate apela nk nanges..benda kecik cmtuh, tpi mengkorang2 x thu hati seorang wanita yg betul2 sygkan crush dia *wanita ke akuhh? okeh pasan jap# heheh... nk Raya dah nie, semalam aku tag la dia kad raya gmbar aku, aku mengharapkan sesuatu yg hebat berlaku dimana dia komen pun lain dri yg lain, tpi malangnya, orng putih kate unfortunately, ape yg aku harapkan musnah, dia hnya jwab sepertimana yg selalu aku bce kat status or text mesej, "same to you my Bell..." tu jea.. hurm... ingatkan kot2 la dia puji kea...xpelah... aku xde niat nk balas dendam ke ape ke... sbb dia layan aku mcm aku ni x aku wat la relation dngan Prince Daniel, fake relay, agaknya dia nmpak, ntahler...itu satu hall... satu hal lagi dimana, Alvin Lagman Dela Cruz x kwan ngan aku lagi... ntah mcm mane leh jdi cmtu... aku sndiri pun x thu... aku ckp dngan mama aku, mama ckp mngkin dia sedih dan jealous pasal fake relay tu, ehyy hello uolss?? uols pun layan i mcm harem jea..xde la caring mane pon..nk harap aku caring mmng dh slalu...aku cukup baik comment x kasar2... tpi bila d fikir2kan balik, ade betulnya..sbb ade skali tu, time kami komen mengomen, dia ade sebut lbih kurang cmnie lah, "I wonder if Alvin my love,...,", cmtu, ibaratnya mcm aku yg ckp benda tuh, aku btul2 ingatkan dia main2 biase2 je la kan... xdelah...kalau suka tu ckp la..aku x kisah... hishh..~~ so skrang aku block dia balik...sape suruh...aku xde niat apepun wat fake relay tu....aku wat sbb suka2 jea...tpi orng x semua nk fahamkan...oke la... tpi dia pun jarang contact ngan aku,,,so aku anggap dia tu cm biskut ...jap ade jap xde... sabo jea la... xpelah...aku harap dia bahagia la kat sane tu... dengarnya Filipin skrang banjir ea..sian2.. xpelah..semoga Tuhan merahmati mu... aku mesej tnye kenape remove ko xnak jawap...ko nak aku wat pe lagi...dripada aku subscribe kau yg post tah pape ckp sensorang~ baik aku layan jantan laen..berlambak lagi...~~ 

aku hanya mampu berdoa pada Allah S.W.T semoga awak, G selalu dilindungi dan dirahmati-Nya... Amin...biarlah sy sndiri dngan air mata ni oke,,.awk pergilah, sye lepaskan awk main jauh2... :')

Miss Abella
17 August 2012

Friday, 8 June 2012

the Heart with no one cares, :'( truly sad

Bismillah hirrahman nirrahim,

Assalamualaikum, my readers all...harini hari Sabtu , 9 June 2012 yeahh..hikss..cuti skolah pun nk habes kan..lusa dah skolah..tpi karangan aku x siap sepenuhnya... no idea and my mind totally blank...weee <3 tngok pada tajuk post kat atas, "the Heart with no one cares", kan..kannn.. for actually cik Abella sedih sebenarnya, kan baru ni cik Abella ade post pasal yang "when a Girl starts to love someone", hurmmm..dlam citer tu mang la indah2... tpi x thu knapa pula harini rasa down sngat smpai x trkata... semalam menangis teresak-esak pukul 3 pagi uolsss..~ sebab ape? hurmm... ce cite la nie.. sebenarnya aku seperti budak kecik yang ditinggalkan seorang dibawah hujan, aku sedih sngat... tmbah plak cite yg maen smalam , 321 Cinta diikuti dngan Ayah, Mengapa Aku Berbeda dan seterusnya Love,Nora.. perghh..i ckp ngan uu...citer sedih berturut-turut..mane x nanges... jadi tiba2 dtang perasaan yang amat sakit dimana cik Abella terasa seperti dipinggir.. sperti x d pedulikan,,,

 sedihh nokk... "dia" tu la...skrang dah sombong, xmo layan... mesej x balas apetah lagi call...dia dh x ingat aku lagi ke? atau dia memang sibuk sngat dngan masaalah dia? for actually semua orang x lari dngan masaalah especially masaalah peribadi.. umur seperti dia boleh je handle masaalah tu, x ssah pun, kalau masaalah kerja aku faham, itu common la kan.. tpi kalau stakat masaalah peribadi xyah la nk kepoh sngat smpai kau x care dngan orng sekeliling kau... tah ape masaalah kau aku pun x thu... aku nk sngat thu...tpi kau x bgitahu.. baru2 ni dia demam... ingat aku x risau ke..wlaupun kau ckp, jngan risaukan kau,, sbbkan aku syg, aku care, wlaupun aku x ckp tpi Allah je yg thu semuanya.... makan dalam taw.. walaupun kau bukn pacar aku, tpi aku syg kau mcm tu lah... tpi nk wat cmner kan..orng xnak layan..kite pun xleh paksa jugak..dia ade la dngan hal dia... cume kadang2 aku kecik hati bila dia x layan aku.. kalau aku ade salah, ckp...x perlu simpan dn trus diam mcm tu je.. kalau kau x suka cara aku..jelaskan, ape ssah... kau beriya nk jumpa mak aku kan? tpi bkan aku, kau nk gila vavi jumpa mak aku... aku hepi, mang aku hepi..cuma kdang2 trfikir kau ni ade ape2 ke... tpi aku x pndang negatif, aku fikir baik... tpi malangnya..kau dah lain skrang... kau x mcm dulu... x brcara...hidup sorang2 kat sane ingat aku x kesian? ingat aku x simpati? aku lagi berdoa dngan Allah supaya temukanlah kau dngan seorang wanita yang betul care, yang btul syang kau..terima kau seadanya, wlaupun gadis tu bkan aku, *tpi kalau aku pun ape salahnye kannn..oopss!! tershahsul nokk! ..##

hati wanita ni lain... dia menangis dlam hati dn ssah nk tnjuk pada orng..dia sentiasa snyum d luar..kdang2 kita nmpak wanita itu snyum manis je tpi mngkin dia sdang mnyimpan sesuatu yg dh lame basi dlam diri dia...trpaksa tunjuk snyuman yg palsu...mcm aku lah... aku hampir2 jgak nk delete number dia smalam...tpi ntah knapa ada sesuatu yg menghalang..ibaratnya ade yg sdang berbisik kat telinga "jngan buang ni...jngan..." x jadi... nk kate syg? makin pudar dh nk basi...phuii.. ntah ler..~~ mngkin btul ape yg orng ckp.. Allah temukan kita dngan orng yg salah ,mngkin ade hikmah d sebaliknya.. mngkin ini satu dugaan atau ujian ... xpelh...aku tawakkal pada Dia.. hanya Dia yg tentukan segalanya... ^_^ <3 Love and kisses :)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

when a Girl start's to love someone~

heyyy Assalamualaikum readers... cik Abella rindu kamoo...well... bru update 2 hari lepas kannnsss?? hehe..for actually, if u see the header up there, "when a Girl start's to love someone", sebenarnya ini adalah cerita tntang seorang gadis, dimana dia on Facebook pada bulan December 2009, ibu dia, telah perkenalkan seorang lelaki pada gadis tersebut, ibu dia arahkan gadis tersebut "add" lelaki itu as a friend, so gadis tu add la..mak suruh kan.. xbeklahh lawan ye dakk..heee..oke2..  n then lelaki tersebut confirm gadis trsebut. dia x ckp apa2.. mngkin pada masa tu usia dia agak muda dn mungkin pd masa tu dia lagi sdng bercinta..who knows right..sbb time tu dia agak sombong, smpai satu masa gadis trsebut tlah mndapati lelaki itu sngat2 kecewa, putus cinta, so dia cuba mndekati lelaki trsebut, berjaya! haha..berjaya..dpatlah jugak brckp dngan dia... tpi lelaki itu x jawab ape, cume kate oke je... okelah after that, lame kelamaan, mereka berdua ni semakin rapat, mula2 fren, pastu princess, pastu barulah sis..dipendekkan cerita mereka ni dh kenal hmpir 3 tahun, so skrang mereka seperti adik beradik, ....

tetapi gadis tersebut sebenarnya menyimpan perasaan sayang trhadap lelaki trsebut... tpi dia x thu la..sebenarnya dh lama da...hmpir 2 tahun jugak, smpai skrang dia syangkan lelaki itu, tpi mlangnya lelaki itu ssah nak didekati, sbbkan lately nie dia bnyak masaalah peribadi dan stress ditempat kerja..dn skrang dia demam..hehehe... kesian dia... namun gadis trsebut cuba dan ingin menghubunginya, tapi takut, sbb apa dia tkut? sbb takut akan lelaki trsebut kalau2 tiba dia marah...wat naya je gadis tu diam buat sementara, tpi sebenarnya hati dia sngat rindu, sape x rindu kan... lover la katakann... tpi kesian..dia mampu lihat di wall lelaki itu sahaja..

*best ke x ah crita tu? ntah ler kan...sbb gadisnya tu AKU...hahaha... pape je la..skdar share okey sygsss...muah kiri kanan uolss! @_@ aku sayang kau "G" ^_^

Sunday, 3 June 2012

jalan2 sana sini dri Suria KLCC ke Pavilion :D

assalamualaikum XD ... rasenya lame sngat x update kenn..well...cik Abella lame busy nie..maklumlahhh..mid year exam bru je berlalu.. so now am in holiday ! rehat2 time selama 2 minggu yer hadek2... citer best?? maybe kurang..tpi bru2 nie pegi jalan2 ngan kazen mazen di KL ;) dri Suria KLCC smpai laaaa ke Pavilionn~~ well Suria KLCC tu macam kurang skit lorr..same ngan Pavi tpi seronok jugak...maklumlahhh..Pavi merupakan tmpat orng yg aku syg slalu lepak.. so terasa happyy... malas nk citer time2 aku kat Suria KLCC.. di Pavi, actuall tujuan pegi sane semata2 nk mkan kek, for actually named "Huckleberry"..ahaha...aku merata2  cri tmpat tu, masuk2 je ,just like WOWWWW.. !!! cmni ke rupa Pavi!??! boleh d katakan aku agak jakun bila jejak kaki masuk dlam tu, imagine it was the first time I was there..a place where those rich people go, I'm just ordinary, weee...

the story begins mase aku ngan kazen mazen nie mncari2 la Huckleberry tu di mane, sbb tngok website di Facebook, dia dkat Level 6 sebelah dngan kedai buku... so I found Times Book Store, tngok2 kat depan.."eh,?? mane kedainya??" on, aku cuba call Dia, masuk lam toilet *supaya x bising brckap dngan diaa~~ so aku tnye di mana letaknya kedai kek tu... dia bgi direction, dipendekkan crita, jumpa la, but before that, dia minta maaf dngan aku sbb x dpat bersama, borak2 n then suddenly, he asked me to give my phone to mama, so I give lahh..he really wants to talk to my mama,., so I gave her, dorang borak! geesshhh!! after the conversation over, so I asked him, what did he chat with my mama..ahaha~~ what the?? he never tell me! he only laugh like a proud person! ahaha..that irritate me! nasib baek la syg kannn... heee... so cri2 kedai tu jumpaaaaaaa!!! seriously am over excited ! actually kedai dia kecikk sngatt... hurrr... tpi dpatlah jejak kat situ..hehehe...  see these pictures ;)

Sunday, 22 January 2012

hari yang agak menyeronokkan...boleh laa...blaa...blaa...bla...

assalamualaikumm..!!! haa !! cik Abella disiniii... lame x update gituhh wahhh... yeahh..harini, 22 Januari 2012 kennn... satu peristiwa dimana bagi aku maybe agak lucu skit je la..malu ada bnyak... --> air aku, 'ter'tukar dngan air abangnye kwanku ini...iaitu abang Syieraa... masaalahnye yg no.4 tuhh..alamakkksss..!!! muka da merah kayyy after the peristiwa..!! itu satu hal lahh... yg second nihh...Syiera dan Nurin leh tinggalkan aku sensorang kat belakang mase trun eskelator.. hukhuk.!!! moteepp??? baikk korang citerr!! huuuu... mane x malu kucingnyaa... alahaiii...camno nak ckp nihh...heeee....malu ahh..muka da merahhh...okayyy...lupakannnn lupakannn !!!! xleh cite bebanyakkk!!  nnti melencong tmpat laennn nnti susahh maaa... kayy next update coming soon!!!

Miss Abella
23 January 2012
12.53 a.m